• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

You’re invited to discover the home of webinars!

Learn the basics from the best


We get it; webinars and everything about them are creating a huge buzz! We all want to know more about how they work, we’re constantly thinking about new ways in which we can use them and in terms of enhancing the experience for online attendees, we can’t stop talking about it!

It’s for these reasons, (among many others) that we have launched webinars.com.au – the home of webinars and everything about them!

Whether you’re looking to host, organise, market or present, this site has it all! Articles, content, on-demand webinars, a Presenter Centre and so much more!

You have completely unrestricted access so why not discover more about the wonderful world of webinars?

Take a look!

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