• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Yes, it happened to me! What’s your webinar Plan B?

Don't be left with no options

I am very familiar with Murphy’s Law; in fact, Murphy and I are great friends – like when I leave my umbrella at work, he’ll make sure that it pours down raining or when I decide to wear that fresh white shirt, he’ll ensure that my coffee spills all over it… like I said, we’re very close!

It had been a while since Murphy visited but when he did; he made a grand entrance.

Yesterday I was facilitating a webinar with a presenter who I had rehearsed with only a few days before. Everything was perfect – he knew the platform, I was online with 20 minutes to spare and we had close to a 100% attendance rate – what could possibly go wrong?

After a few minutes it became clear that he couldn’t log into the platform, it then became clear that he was trying to present via his iPad because his computer had earlier crashed (I know, my thoughts exactly)! Long story short – he was in Melbourne, I was in Sydney and with only 2 minutes to spare he could not present via webinar.

Hmmm… well, we did work it out and our online attendees were none the wiser. Take a look below to find out how we sorted it out!


1. The Trustworthy Telephone

Many presenters like to present via VoIP – it allows them to speak through their computer microphones and in most cases will ensure that their voices are synced with their webcams. While this is fine, it’s important to always have a reliable teleconference option.

In this case, the presenter and I were able to speak through the telephone and with some Redback tech help everyone online was able to listen through their computer speakers.

Learning: Always advise your presenters to have a phone handy, preferably not a mobile.


2. The All Important Slide Deck

Your presenter’s PPT Presentation is usually uploaded to the webinar platform, but what happens when they can’t access the platform?

In this situation we were lucky that the presenter had a copy of his slides so he could still present and know what was coming next. He simply said ‘as we move onto the next slide’ when he needed to and I moved them forward.

Learning: Always advise your presenters to have a copy of their slides printed or accessible via any device


3. What about the engagement?

Polls, Question and Answer Sessions – the show must go on! Always ensure that your polls are pre populated before your webinar and make sure the format of your event is finalised – when will the polls be launched? When will Q&A commence?

We were lucky that the polls were pre-populated however; the presenter could not see the results for each of them. As a facilitator it was my role to read out the questions and the results so that the presenter could relate and respond to the audience.

Learning: Always ensure your facilitator understands how the features of the platform work.


4. Support, never underestimate it!

I love our support team, and despite what they say, I know they have a soft spot for the marketing team!

When things go wrong it’s always good to have a helping hand, even if it’s just to calm you down and reassure you that everything will be ok. Yesterday the Redback Support Team was able to transfer the presenter lines, test the sound and make sure everything was seamless from the audience point of view.

Learning: Always ensure you have technical support to rely on, they should be only be a phone call away!


So there you have it, the silver lining! Has anything similar ever happened to you? Feel free to share your experiences below!

Until next time,

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