• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Webcast Wonder Woman Presents…

Exciting New Webcast Features!


What’s better than a new feature update? A new feature update presented by The Webcast Wonder Woman, that’s what!

This week we are pleased to bring you some exciting news that is going to enhance the viewing experience for your webcast attendees and possibly even change your life.

Our platform has been upgraded which means that the streaming of your next conference, panel discussion or investor announcement has the potential to be the best that it has ever been!

Here we go…


Feature Update #1 – New Template Design, replicate your website!

Consistency is key! Your Webcast Landing Page can now be completely customised to reflect your branding. Simply provide us with a link to your website and we’ll do the rest! We can customise…

  • The background image
  • Colours and Fonts
  • Logos and headshots – we can place them wherever you want
  • Hyperlinks


Feature Update #2 –  Watch, read, chat, scroll – all in one place!

This one is pretty exciting. Previously, your virtual attendees would have to change tabs to view different media. For example, they could be watching the video, but in order to view your website, read up on speakers or view the slide show they would have to change tabs, leaving them with the ability to view only one media source at a time – well this has now changed!

The upgraded platform gives your attendees choice, without he mess!

  • Synchronisation: View speaker bios, visit website pages and access documents while still watching the webcast
  • Slide Navigation: Skip through presentations and select chapters with the updated thumbnail view
  • Instantaneous Feedback: Capture survey results from within the platform during or after each event. Perfect for CPD quizzes or feedback on presenters!


Feature Update #3 – Live Technical Support Chat

It’s a facilitators worst nightmare – they try to prioritise questions coming from the audience but get bombarded by technical questions that they know nothing about! Streamline your next webcast by embedding the Live Technical Support Chat feature.

If your audience requires any technical assistance they can simply type in their question and a Redback Representative will  respond immediately. It removes the burden from yourself as an organiser, makes your facilitators life so much easier and conveys a high degree of professionalism to your virtual attendees.

360 degree view

For more information on the new features, contact us at marketing@redbackconferencing.com.au.

Until next time,


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