• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

Vote 1 Redback!

Help us make history

Ok, so we think we know you all well enough to toot our own horn every now and then…  and possibly ask a small favour?

We’re excited to be in the running for the 2012 City of Sydney Business Awards but we need your help! Maths really isn’t my thing, but I think I’ve worked out the formula…

Redback gets nominated + the more votes we receive = the more chances we have of winning!

I know the question you’re probably all pondering is “why vote for Redback?“, so I’ve taken the liberty to provide you with a few reasons:

1. You’ve recently received exceptional service from someone in the Redback Team
that left you thinking WOW!

2. You have always found us to be supportive, innovative and the type of
company that actually cares!

3. You think we’re really cool!

Voting is easy and you have two options to do so…

1. Simply click here and select VOTE where it appears next to Redback Conferencing

2. SMS RED2012 to 0498 500 100

Thanks once again for all your support. We’ll be sure to update you once the results come through – enjoy your weekend!

Until next time…
Sara Gonzalez

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