• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

Using PowerPoint in Web Conferences – Our 5 Rules!

The 5 golden rules to make your powerpoint relevant

Death by PowerPoint {Noun}

1. the boredom of a dull PowerPoint presentation, normally consisting of simple bulleted lists and conventional graphics*

Yes, it even has its own definition!

PowerPoint Presentations are one of the most commonly used engagement tools in web conferences and webinars, and that’s because they work. However, it’s important that your presentations are cleverly designed to ensure that your viewers have the best possible online experience.

Here are 5 rules that we here at Redback live by when creating PowerPoint Presentations for online use.

Rule #1: Keep it simple

Large text, basic fonts and uncluttered backgrounds work best. Think about your audience, the many devices they may be joining from and the varying screen resolutions. It’s important that your slides support your presentation, not clutter it.

Rule #2: A picture tells a thousand words

Well thought out images or charts can be much more appealing than large paragraphs of text. Think about what you are trying to say and then ask yourself – “is there a way that this can be displayed visually?”

Just remember, your images must always serve a purpose and be of the highest possible quality. Take a look at the two examples below, which works best?

Rule #3: Animate… to an extent

The use of images and text appearing on command definitely enhances a presentation – it keeps your audience on track and allows you take control. But how much is too much?

Overdoing animation can detract from your content. We recommend using simple animations and keeping them consistent throughout.

Rule #4: Think first and last       

The first and last slides of your PowerPoint presentation are sometimes underestimated and I have no idea why! They are the perfect place to display important messages that you want your audience to act on. Upcoming events, next steps and call to actions should definitely be conveyed here.

Rule #5: Never embed video            

Videos are an excellent way to increase engagement during web conferences. If you are planning to play a video during your online meeting or event, never embed it into your PowerPoint Presentation. Most web conferencing platforms will compress the file meaning it won’t play. Always use the Video Player module and have your clip ready to go in advance.

Above all, always test your PowerPoint presentations before presenting live. Do you have any other ideas for creating PowerPoint Presentations that work? Let us know below!

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