• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

To Poll or not to Poll – 5 Tips for Introducing Polling and Increasing Webinar Engagement!

A definitive answer to the eternal question

If there’s one thing we all want during our webinars, it’s to keep people online! Although relatively new, polling has become a popular way to interact and engage with your participants keeping them active and focused throughout.

However, the rules for polling are very similar to that of a satisfaction survey – don’t collect the information unless you aim to do something with it!

Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate polling into your next webinar and mix it up a bit!

1. The “Ice-Breaker…”

Question: How much does a polar bear weigh?
Answer: Enough to break the ice! (Insert laughter here)

It’s a good idea to start your webinar with an ice-breaker for two reasons – a) it automatically relaxes your attendees and b) it gets them familiar with the technology!

Start your webinar with a generic multiple choice question such as where are you joining today’s webinar from or what is the weather like where you are today?

These types of questions are also great in creating an online community – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the interaction that these questions create!

2. The “Who’s Who…”

It’s always nice to know who you are talking to. As a presenter, you want to get to know your audience to help tailor your message and keep your content relevant.

Consider asking a question such as which best describes your role in your organisation or is this your first webinar?

3. The “How did I do…?”

Feedback is invaluable and for first time webinar presenters, it’s critical! Presenting online is an entirely new experience for most so it’s important to gain feedback from your presenters while it’s still fresh in their minds!

Before you conclude your presentation, survey your audience with a brief poll such as How would you rate this webinar from 1 – 5 or what would you like to see in my next webinar?

You can then download the results and use that information when preparing for webinar #2!

4. The “Have you been listening…?”

While you can view and track who joins your webinar, it’s virtually impossible to track what your attendees are doing while viewing your webinar – are they checking emails? Are they even listening?

Polling is a great way to keep your audience interested and engaged – consider launching a relevant poll every 15 minutes or so – if people respond, you know they are paying attention!

5. The “Choose your own adventure…”

So, you have your presentation uploaded and ready to go but you’re not quite sure how your audience is going to respond – why not ask them?

Break your presentation up into various sections and poll your audience to find out what they would like you to focus on!

Here’s an example:

Webinar Topic: Growing and Flourishing – Our Top Tips for Your Rose Garden!

Polling Question:
What would YOU like to learn more about during this webinar?

Polling Responses:
a) Planting my roses
b) Taking care of my roses
c) Trimming my roses
d) Drying my roses

As you can see, polling can be used as a great tool to take your webinars to the next level and enhance the overall experience for all involved. Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas that you can take on board for your next webinar.

If you currently use polling in any other way I’d love for you to share!

Until next time,
Gavin Hunt

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