• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Why aren’t people registering for my online event? Creating landing pages that work!

Convert your mail list into registrants

Gaining maximum registrations for your webinars and webcasts is at the top of every organisers list, and why shouldn’t it be?

In saying this, many organisations still fail to fully optimise their landing pages – the pages that sit behind your registration fields. This can result in low conversion rates, confusion for many and lower than expected registration rates.

Here are our top tips to creating landing pages that work!


1.       What’s your Call To Action (CTA)?

What do you want people to do? Ensure the action that you want them to take is clear and prominent and avoid multiple calls to action or hard to find buttons. If you want people to submit their details then include a large, colourful submit button along with wording that clearly states ‘Register Here.’ It’s also a good idea to keep this area at the top of your page – the less scrolling, the better!


2.       Less is more!

Ever started a survey and given up half way through? Why do people need to know so much information?! Keep your registration fields light and consider using different ‘types’ of fields. For example, if you are asking people what industry they are in, use a drop down field – the less work the better! Keeping fields to a minimum will increase your conversion rates and you can always capture more information within your webinar.


3.       Consistency is key!

When people are directed to your landing page they are usually coming from an email invitation or your website – both of these places are no doubt fully branded so why shouldn’t your landing page be? Use the same colours, logos and styling on this page to avoid confusion and promote your brand.


4.       Thank you… now what?

Most providers out there allow you to embed a link behind your submit button – this is a great opportunity to redirect your registrants to other pages that up-sell or cross-sell your services, upcoming events or offers. You can also use your thank you pages to engage your visitors even further by recommending other helpful content or providing them with an opportunity to contact you.

Of course, it’s always important to measure your conversion rates to see exactly what is working, and what isn’t. Best of luck with optimising your pages and if you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration, feel free to check out our resource centre!

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