• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

Top Tips for Awesome Online Presenters!

Learn how to wow your audience

Presenting online can be an entirely new experience for many – most of the time it’s just you, your computer screen and an empty room… a little bit daunting actually!

This year’s Redback Report found that personality, knowledge and enthusiasm were the top three things needed in order for a presenter to be considered memorable.

So how can you, as a webinar or webcast organiser ensure that they cover all bases and deliver an awesome experience for all involved?

Here are our top tips…

Set expectations…

Always make sure that your presenters know what to expect on the day. Even if they have presented online before, remember that all technologies are different. If you have any recorded webinars that you have conducted in the past, send these to them – this way, they won’t be completely shocked when they log into the platform.

Know their audience…

It always helps to know who you are talking to… help your presenters out by thinking about them when creating your registration page. Ask yourself… “What information can I capture that will help my presenters?” Common fields are industry, position title and comment fields such as what would the presenter like to focus on?

Encourage polling…

Polling is a great way to increase interaction – it gets your audience involved and can even be used as a bit of fun. If your presenter is against using a polling feature, be sure to explain the benefits and don’t be shy to suggest a few places that it could be used in.


Always try and be present on the rehearsal with your presenter. Not only will you be able to make sure they have the technology covered, but you are the one who knows what you want to achieve. It makes sense to be able to provide honest feedback.

Communicate the dos and don’ts

Can I use keynote? Can I play a video? Make sure you cover all of the requirements from the very beginning – you don’t want your presenter to create their presentation and then have to change it at the last minute! Consider putting together a starter pack or a handbook and provide it to them from the beginning – you can download a copy of the Redback Presenter Handbook by clicking here.


Above all, encourage your presenters to relax, be themselves and let their personality shine through!

If you’re looking for more advice on running your webinars and webcasts, tune into our Success Stories from the Sofa webcast – we will be interviewing four of our rock star clients on what has taken their online events from good to great – find out more here!


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