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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Top 6 Tips for Delivering Online Sales Presentations!

Get those sales across the line with these tips

Successful Selling – all you need to do is type this into Google and you will be welcomed by an abundance of information containing tips on how to ‘do it better’ and stand out from the rest.

Now this is great, but what if you had an incredibly valuable tool right at your fingertips that could immediately increase the success of your sales force?

Conducting Sales Presentations via web and video conferencing is changing the way we buy and sell.And while using online tools will never replace the traditional face to face meeting, they will almost certainly improve the productivity, efficiency and conversion rates of your sales teams.

Here are our Top Tips for delivering successful Online Sales Presentations:


1. Set expectations and provide instructions

It’s important to remember that many may still be new to web and video conferencing. As soon as you schedule your meeting ensure you send a calendar invite containing the following information:

  • What is expected of your prospect? Let them know that they will need a computer with stable internet connection, a telephone (if conducting a tele/web meeting) and if necessary, a webcam.
  • How do they join? Provide clear, step-by-step instructions and if possible, a testing link so they can test their system beforehand


2. Show off your product!

One of the most exciting features of a web/video conference is the ability to Desktop Share – this feature allows you to share your screen in live time so that your prospect can see exactly what you’re seeing. This is perfect for demonstrating your product, sharing case studies/testimonials and even communicating the next steps in your sales process.


3. Everyone is talking at once… Argh!

Picture this – the conversation is flowing, you’re doing your thing and then 5 people decide to all ask a question at the same time, how are you supposed to manage that? Conducting interstate or international sales meetings with numerous people is a huge advantage of an online meeting – however, how can you control the conversation and feedback?

Consider using interactive features such as the Q&A Chat Box or polling to ask for, receive and then share feedback. Seamless and simple!


4. Webcams – because body language matters!

Take your online sales meetings up a notch by introducing webcams! Webcams allow you see your prospect, engage with them and receive non-verbal signals – plus, it’s always good to put a face to the name!

If you’re looking to conduct a meeting with webcams only then consider hosting a straight cloud video conference. This will allow your prospects to bridge in from any device and will give you crystal clear HD video!


5. Utilise your library and upload tools

It’s quite common – you hold your sales meeting and then send a ‘follow up’ email containing important ‘read now’ documents that in reality, may not always get read! Web Conferencing allows you to upload content in two different ways:

  • PowerPoint Library: Think of this as virtual storage for your sales PPTs. You can upload as many as you like so that when you are ready to go all you need to do is select and hit play!
  • Documents Folder: This tool is a great way to send through important documents, pricing and brochures while you are still in your meeting. Upload Word Documents, PDF’s and Excel Spreadsheets to your documents folder and have your prospect download them on the fly!


6. Have a plan… and test!

Always have a set plan and format for your online meetings. Know when you will present, encourage questions and polls and ensure you allow breaks in between presenting to allow for two way conversation.

Testing is also incredibly important – a seamless online meeting looks professional and if run properly can position you and your sales team as quite smooth operators!


While web and video conferencing will never replace the need for face to face communication, it’s always good to take a look at ways to do things differently – and if you can cut down on costs and improve productivity, why not give it a shot?

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