• Vesna Ilic

    23rd September 2016

The Power of First Impressions – Key Takeaways From This Week’s Webcast

Your presentation style can make or break your content

While we are often told to not judge a book by its cover, the reality is that first impressions are important and greatly influence the way we perceive and interact with each other.  In fact, research shows that people make their visual judgement on you within the first 7 seconds, so it’s crucial that we make those first few moments count.

In our latest Redback Business Skills Webcast, we sat down with Image Expert Annie Sophia to find out how to put our best foot forward and make the most of personal branding. Here is what we discovered:

Show your personal style

Whether your work dress code is strictly business attire, uniform, smart casual or anything inbetween there are little things you can do to add a little touch of your personality to your everyday outfits.

Consider a splash of colour with a bright lipstick, a statement necklace or adding a bit of quirkiness to your suit with ‘happy socks’. Remember, it’s ok to have a bit of fun and be creative within the boundaries of the dress code.


Consistency is one thing to keep in mind when creating your personal brand. Why? When we are consistent, we let others know what to expect which creates familiarity and trust.

For example, incorporate a signature piece of clothing, accessory or colour into each of your outfits – think Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore’s signature necklace or Masterchef Matt Preston’s cravat. Include your ‘signature’  whether you are out walking the dog or at a formal dinner – you’ll be surprised at the impact it will make!

3 Step Formula

Annie also gave us a 3 Step Formula that we can walk away and implement today. So get out a piece of paper and starting working on the following:

1. Personality – to create and develop your style you should choose three words that describe you and then build a wardrobe according to what you are trying to convey. For example if you chose passionate, energetic and warm you can wear a bright coloured blazer or tie to reflect your personality.

2. Environment – you should always dress to reflect the environment you are in. If you are in sales but your clients are casual, leave the tie in the office.

3. Style personality – choose three words to describe your personal style (e.g. elegant, groomed, bold) and evaluate whether your clothing reflects that. You can also pick a few of your favourite style icons e.g. Hugh Jackman or Cate Blanchett and try to channel some of their style into your own.

To learn more about the Power of First Impressions and how you can create impact, check out the on-demand webcast with Annie Sophia. It’s 45 minutes that will be sure to change the way you think!

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