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  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

The new buzz, Hybrid Events – Watch our interview with the experts!

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Every now and then the new ‘buzz’ pops up within our industry… this time around it happens to be Hybrid Events.

A few weeks ago we held a live webcast (the technology used to deliver a hybrid event) where we interviewed the pros; Professional Conference Organiser, Max Turpin and Business Futurist, Craig Rispin – WE WERE INSPIRED!   

Here’s a snapshot of what was covered and a link to the live webcast – enjoy!

What is a hybrid event?        

Think back to the last live conference you were unable to attend due to work or personal commitments. Now think about how amazing it would have been to still be able to watch those sessions live from your computer – pretty cool, huh?  

A Hybrid Event is a meeting, conference, trade show, workshop, product launch or other meeting that combines a live in-person event with a virtual online component. Something to note – Hybrid Events do not replace live events, they complement them!

Ah, why are people doing this?                                                   

Max stated that with so much learning moving online, now is the perfect time to start running hybrid events – here’s why…

  • The younger generations expect to find anything online – cater to them
  • There’s no better way to retain levels of attendance – add a digital component
  • Hybrid Events become a new revenue stream… who’s going to say no to that?

But what’s driving it?

This is where our futurist friend came in. Craig told us that the following is driving the uptake of hybrid events…

  • People want to extend and amplify the reach of their events
  • It’s all about increasing the size of your audience
  • Money, money, money – Hybrid Events reduce costs and increase productivity!

Want more? Watch the rest of the webcast on us and hear more about the myths, challenges and expert tips associated with hosting hybrid events. Craig even explains how his recent event attracted and online audience of 16,000!

Until next time, Sara

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