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  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

The Gurus debate the use of online polling – what can we learn from this?

When and how to use online polling

Just like olives, the use of online polling during webinars seems to be one of those things that people either love or hate!

Here at Redback we’re constantly raving about how much value we think polling adds to online meetings and events, but what about the other side of the coin?

This week, we’ve seen some pretty intense discussions around polling from a few of the world’s most credible webinar gurus.

What happened?

It all started with a simple question – “Do you make this 1 mistake when you present online?” This was posted on the Blog Remote Possibilities by online presenting extraordinaire Craig Hadden on March 31st.

He suggested that many presenters who use polling can fall into the trap of boring and disengaging audiences; he even claimed that most polls suck. 

Fast forward a month, and Ken Molay (international webinar specialist) from Webinar Success decides to make his opinion clear.

He obviously didn’t agree with all points made by Craig and even compared his comments to that of an old Business Writing Teacher!

And so the conversation went back and forth, enlightening us all some fabulous insights – then, just when you think it’s over… enter Roger Courville, Virtual Presenter and Coach on all things webinars and webcasts.

He tends to disagree with Craig on the point made about the number of slides used in an online presentation.

Take a look at the full thread!

This discussion is great! It shows such passion for the wonderful world of webinars and will really get you thinking about how you conduct your online meetings and events moving forward.

I definitely recommend that you take a look at the thread – it’s not that often that we get to be inspired by so much knowledge in one place!

What are your thoughts on polling? Feel free to share them here!

Until next time, Sara

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