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  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

The future of events… here’s a sneak peek!

Clear your calendar and get ready for the coming webinars

It’s hard to believe that the last time we all witnessed the Olympic Games the iPad didn’t exist!

Technology, the way we communicate and connect and how we share events and information is changing fast. Organisations leading the charge are embracing this shifting landscape and individual’s changing preferences for how they consume information, by deploying innovative technologies such aswebcasting.

Webcasts are the next revolution in online methods of communication and are transforming the way we attend events, reach our intended audience and share vital announcements and communications, in essence, the way we do business

While the benefits may be obvious, where do you begin and what are the possibilities?

Here are a few recent examples where webcasts have been used to extend the reach of face to face events and engage far flung virtual audiences with live and interactive presentations and panel discussions… take a quick look at how the pros are doing it and it might just give you some ideas of your own.

MS Readathon 2012 – Live School Presentation

Now in its 33rd year, the MS Readathon encourages children to read books to improve their literacy and raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Usually, volunteers are sent to over 4,000 schools nationally to promote the event. However, this year, the organisation decided to webcast the event live from Edgecliff Primary School in order to save costs and reach a wider audience.

The webcast consisted of a live webcam feed from the school and a series of presentation slides. On demand access is also available for the next 12 months.

Click here to watch the webcast!
NAB National Small Business Summit 2012 – Panel Discussions, Feedback Forums & Workshops

This years Summit was held at the Sebel Citigate in Albert Park, Melbourne. With a notable decline in attendance during previous years, the organisers decided to offer Virtual Delegate access at a discounted rate – therefore, increasing attendance, reach, awareness and revenue.

All live panel discussions and keynote presentations delivered in the main room were webcast live with four videographers capturing all the action! The organisers also decided to go one step further… they hit record!

That’s right, what about all the live delegates who couldn’t attend the concurrent sessions? All workshops were recorded on the day and then posted as on-demand for a period of 12 months, that way, all summit delegates have access to a range of content and the organisers have content to market the summit the following year – win win!

Click here to read the full case study!
Click here to watch the sessions!

The Sydney International Boat Show 2012 – Live Cameras!

Here’s the thing, everyone loves looking at amazing boats (we can all dream at least, right?) but not everyone lives in Sydney. This year, boat enthusiasts were treated to the entire show… live, and from the comfort of the own home!

Three cameras were placed at the show giving viewers access to all areas. The stream was also made available on the website with links to social media sites and a live twitter feed – now that’s clever!


Hopefully these examples have given you some insight and ideas because really, the possibilities are endless!

Feel free to watch the webcasts with the links provided or take a look at the full case study from the NAB Small Business Summit for more tips and tricks!

Until next time…
Kurt Juson

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