• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

The All Important Webinar Invitation… Dissected!

The holy grail of webinar marketing

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly battling the influx of emails within my inbox which seem to constantly be growing and growing! However, every now and then there’s that one email that manages to sneak through, capture my attention and appeal to the “I simply cannot miss out” part of my brain!

There’s an art to great webinar email invitations that capture attention and allure people to register.

Here’s an example of a dissected email invitation which will hopefully provide you with some tips and tricks for marketing your next webinar.

The Header…

This is the first thing your invitees will see! Ensure a variety of images and text are used as many email systems require people to download images in order to see them.

This is also a great place to insert links so people can find out more about your company or send to a friend.

About the Webinar…

The idea is to entice people to register for the event without giving them too much information – after all, the idea is for them to attend!

Include the basic information such as time, date and duration and make the summary as easy to read as possible – dot points are a great way to achieve this.

When creating any event always think about the WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? Informing people that a take home guide will be provided during the webinar is always good way to do this.

Your invite should also create urgency and have a clear call to action – what is it that you want people to do? If you make it a mystery, people won’t always look around for it!

Additional Information…

Any additional information that you can offer is always great.

A brief presenter bio builds credibility, a forward to a friend link can increase your registrations and an example of what to expect, such as a recording of a previous webinar, will eliminate the unknown and fear of technology for first time joiners!

Make it personal…

Let’s be honest, emails aren’t necessarily the most personal of communication methods. Sharing a picture of your presenter and a little from them is the perfect way to put a face to the name and creatively extend on a bio.

The Footer…

It may be at the bottom of the email, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not prime real estate! This is the perfect space to include links to your companies website or even upcoming events.
It’s also good practice to inform people why they are receiving the email and include an unsubscribe link.

Feel free to take a look at the full email here.

…and remember, always test your emails thoroughly before they are sent!

Until next time…
Sara Gonzalez

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