• Leon Fouhy
  • Leon Fouhy

    25th January 2018

Settings and Options | Web Conferencing Guides

In-room settings and options in the Redback Platform




Audio Notifications:
Checking this box will enable an audio chime when certain functions in the room are performed.

Show Closed Captioning if any: 
If you choose to use this feature, this option allows you choose where it will appear

End Marketing URL:
Attendees will be pushed to this URL when a room moderator ends the room.

Access admin Page: 
This link allows a moderator to access the configuration portal “admin page” without having to log in again.

Show Logs:
This is used by our technical support team to help troubleshoot.

Open Layout Manager:
Change your room layout to suit you!

Note: Always ensure that you save any changes that you make!

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