• Jeff Downs
  • Jeff Downs

    25th January 2018

Q&A Manager | Web Conferencing Guides

How to Use the Q&A Manager in the Web Conferencing Platform

The Q&A manager is a great way to organize questions from attendees and provide them with answers. A moderator can start the Q&A manager by going to tools and clicking on “Q&A Manager”.

To begin, click the start button.


After clicking the “Start” button, the attendees chat window will be changed like this. Please keep in mind that attendees will not be able to chat while the Q&A manager is running.

Attendees may ask up to five questions by clicking on the “New Question” button, but this number can be raised in the settings panel for the Q&A manager.


When an attendee submits a question, the moderator has the choice to answer it themselves or assign the question to another moderator to answer.


Moderators type their answer in the space to the right of the box. When choosing font colour, Moderators can either press enter or click on the “send” button to send their response.

A moderator may also choose to delete a question by clicking the “x” icon in the “#” column.

Attendees may be given the option to give feedback on the answers denoted in the “status” column.


The Q&A manager can be closed by clicking the “end” button.


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