• Kelly Cooper
  • Kelly Cooper

    25th January 2018

e-Curtain | Web Conferencing Guides

What is the e-Curtain?

The e-Curtain is a virtual curtain that allows you to compose yourself until you are ready to go live and present. Your audience cannot see what you are doing when the e-Curtain is down.

How Do You Use the e-Curtain?

Clicking on the e-Curtain brings the curtain up for all attendees.  They will see the following red curtain with a custom message on it.  You can also customise the music that is played while the e-Curtain is down.

Attendees will see something similar to this.


You have the option to choose whether to keep the e-Curtain from being dropped down yet still mute audio from the moderators.


As a moderator or presenter, you will see the following blinking button inside the room.  This is an indicator that the e-Curtain is active.

Clicking this will bring the e-Curtain up and you will see a countdown with an “on-air” message alerting you that the curtain is up and you are live.


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