• Todd Barnsley
  • Todd Barnsley

    25th January 2018

Autopilot Recorder | Web Conferencing Guides

The instructions below are to be used when you wish to record your webinar. It also provides details on how to access your recording directly from your Account Management Portal (AMP) and sharing the recording link.


How to Record Your Webinar

To record your webinar, use the Autopilot Recorder feature as follows:

Step 1: Click on TOOLS in the lower right-hand corner of the webinar platform.


Step 2: Click AUTOPILOT RECORDER from the menu.

Step 3: Enter a title for your recording and click START.



Step 4: Click OK to confirm.


Step 5: You will now see the recording status at the bottom of the webinar platform. This will not be visible to participants. When you wish to stop recording, click STOP at the bottom of the screen.




How to Access Your Recording

There are two ways in which you can access your recording, both through your AMP.

An Autopilot recording is available immediately after your webinar and replays your webinar in exactly the same manner it was originally recorded. To view this, the viewer is required to provide their name, company and email which is then reported within the AMP.

An MP4 video file is available for download within 48 hours post-webinar and includes a recording of slides and webcam (if used). The file is available as a direct download or via a download link, both from within the AMP.

Step 1: Log into your AMP at https://amp.redbackconferencing.com.au/

Step 2: Click INTERACTIVE RECORDINGS from the left-hand side menu under WEBINAR.



Step 3: To view an Autopilot recording, click on the link shown under the INTERACTIVE RECORDING LINK column. To download an MP4 version of your recording, click the green download button under the ACTION column.


How to Share Your Recording Link

The Autopilot link can be copied from the AMP, however, should you wish to email the downloadable link for the MP4, right click on the download button and select COPY LINK.

Once you have the link for either version, you can then paste it into an email to send out.


Additional Information

Available AutoPilot Recordings: This is a library of all recasts that have been created within this specific room.

On-Demand Link: Clicking this link will show the link that people can use to watch a personal viewing of the recording.


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