• Chona Gomez
  • Chona Gomez

    25th January 2018

Activating your Webcam | Web Conferencing Guides

How to Activate Your Webcam

1. Click on webcam icon as shown below.


2. The Camera Setup Wizard will appear where you can choose the quality of your video and the specific camera that you would like to use.


Please note:  it is recommended to use medium quality in most cases.
3. If you can see your video in the preview window, you can then click on OK.
4. If you cannot see your video, please contact technical support.

Adding Captions

Once your webcams are activated you have the option to add two lines of captions to each webcam.1. Select the T tool on the top right of the webcam
2. Once the caption panel appears, select your options and then Add Caption
3. The caption will then appear over the chosen webcam as seen below.

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