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  • Gavin Swift

    24th January 2018

Video Conferencing – H.323/SIP Video Bridging | Video Conferencing Guides

Connect to Redback Video from H.323/SIP

The following address formats are supported in Redback Video: FQDN, URI, Polycom, and IP address. To connect from an H.323/SIP endpoint to a Redback Video meeting choose the format supported by your endpoint.

  • H.323/ SIP: meetingID@gw.rbvideo.com.au
  • Old Polycom Syntax: gw.rbvideo.com.au##meetingID (the # signs are literally required)
  • IP Address: meetingID@

Connecting from Redback Video – Connect to an endpoint from within a meeting

  • If participants using other video conferencing or telepresence endpoints do not know how to connect to a Redback Video meeting from their system, Redback Video supports connecting to them from within a meeting.
  • Connecting to an endpoint from within a meeting is done from the application window. Click menu then click Call H.323/SIP Client.

If you are prompted for the moderator key, type or paste your moderator key and click ok. The dialler will be displayed and your name will now appear in the participant list in italics. You can now access the dialler which looks like this:


To Connect

1. Choose H.323 or SIP from the drop down
2. Enter the desired address of the endpoint using a URI or IP address
3. Click on the phone handset glyph


The dialler will show connected and a new tile will appear with the output from the endpoint.

You are now connected via H.323 or SIP

You will see a notification in the Dialler that call is now connected.

There will also be a new participant in the list showing the system name and connection type (H.323 orSIP).



Disconnecting from H.323 or SIP

To disconnect the endpoint simply click the phone handset glyph again and the dialler will hang up. The connection will terminate, the entry will be removed from the participants list and the video stream

will end.


Additional Controls

When using the dialler within a Redback meeting there are additional controls available by right-clicking the Redback icon.


When connection is established the layout controls are available and one-click orientation and grid formats can be controlled.
Layouts control the output and layout sent to remotely connected systems.
Additional layouts are available in the dropdown.
When connected to a Cisco MCU the DTMF calls can be made from the dial pad of the Redback dialler to control the layout. (Requires hitting ## to initiate the controls).


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