• Adrien Monet
  • Adrien Monet

    24th January 2018

Video Conferencing – Functions and Capabilities | Video Conferencing Guides

Undock, Relocate and Resize Individual Windows
By hovering your cursor over a participants video tile, three icons will appear in the top right corner. Select the top most right icon in the video tile you wish to undock and the video tile will undock. You can now resize and relocate, including to a second screen or boardroom monitor


Toolbar Functions
A streamlined and intuitive toolbar provides video, microphone, speaker, desktop share, chat box and participant list on/off options.

Note: Multiple participants can desktop share at the same time. Desktops appear in windows, that can be undocked, relocated and resized, just like video windows.



Click here to learn selecting your camera, microphone and speaker

Click here for desktop installation guide

Click here to lean how to join as a participant

Click here to learn how to initiate a videoconference as a moderator


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