• Gianno Punla
  • Gianno Punla

    24th January 2018

Video Conferencing – Customising Your Room Layout | Video Conferencing Guides

All participants can select their own room layout.The room layout menu can be found by hovering over the small triangle below under the SeeVogh eye menu (top left), individuals can choose between several templates including current speaker, no remote videos, or a single mosaic for minimal bandwidth.


No Remote Video 
When you choose this display option, no video will be streamed.This is useful when you have a limited network   connection. This option will make it an audio-only connection, but you can still transmit video if your upload connection speed is acceptable.


Limited Bandwidth Video 
When you choose this display option, a single mosaic containing all video feeds will be initiated. This is useful when you have limited bandwidth. All video is combined and sent to your client as a single video stream.


Current Speaker Video
This option will display the current speaker as the ‘primary’ large video.This is useful if you have limited display screen capacity such as a single display screen.


Click to select Video 
All videos will be displayed in the lower display area. Users can click on whatever video streams they want shown in the larger video display area. This is a toggle – when you click on a larger ‘primary’ video, this will reduce it back to the smaller display area at a normal size. Click it again to make it bigger.


Display All Videos
Selecting this option will display all videos in the ‘primary’ display area. Click on a larger ‘primary’ video to reduce it back to the smaller display area – especially for video streams not critical to the meeting.



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