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  • Chona Gomez

    25th January 2018

Omnovia Registration Portal – The Complete Guide | Webinar Guides

Building your Launch Page

Follow the steps below to login to your Registration Portal:

1. Go to http://omnovia.redbackconferencing.com.au/login
2. Enter Your Username
3. Enter Your Password

Follow the steps below to create your event

1. Click on the ‘Events’ tab within the vertical menu on the left hand side

2. Click on the ‘add event icon’ which is located on the top right corner of your screen


3. Then simply follow the prompts.

Tip: Creating your launch page is simple. If you are unsure of what something means, simply hover over this symbol!

The Event Details

4. First, select your Template, Company and Organiser using the drop down menus.
5. Then, complete the following event information:

  • The title of your event: This is where you add the name of your event.
  • A description of your event: This description of your event is visible to participants when they register for the event and also from the page they visit to launch the event.
  • Who the presenter(s) of the event will be: Enter the name of your presenter(s) here
  • Date and Time: Select the date of your event by using the calendar tool below. Then select the time zone and duration of your event.

Select the Maximum Number of Participants that can join your Event. Once your maximum amount has been reached, no further participants can join the Event.

You have the option to select your branding options:

  • Customer Logo Image: Upload your Company Logo here
  • Top Banner: If you would like to add an image or additional text to the top of the Event launch page, upload the file here (we recommend the maximum width  of 1020 pixels)
  • Bottom Banner: If you would like to add an image or additional text to the bottom of the Event launch page, upload the file here.

Moderator Code
In this section, search then select your Moderator code.

Listening to your event
This section will decide how your participants will listen to your event. – you have 3 options.

  • Option A: Listen via telephone. Your participants will have to dial a 1800  number and then enter  a participant code to listen to your event.
  • Option B: Listen via computer. All participants will listen via their computer speakers only
  • Option C: Listen via computer with telephone back-up. Participants will have the option to listen via their computer or telephone.

Email Reminders
Select the frequency of your webinar reminder emails.

Registration Method

  • Guest List Entry: You upload the attendees you wish to attend in the Registrant List tab, they do not register themselves.
  • Registered Entry: You market your webinar and those interested can enter their details in the registration page (link provided in your marketing).
  • Unregistered Entry: You market the webinar and those who are interested will attend on the day, no prior registration required. The Account Management Portal will capture those who enter (name, email).

Send Confirmation Email To Registrants
A confirmation email will be sent when you upload your registrant list (guest list entry) or when they complete the required registration fields (registered entry).

Registrant Confirmation Email CC
If you wish to track the confirmation emails sent, place the corresponding email address in this field to receive the same confirmation email your registrant receives.

Registrant Confirmation Email CC
Place the email address’ in this field of the person who is the best contact to resolve any registrant issues.

Registration Approval Process

  • Manual: This will require you to approve all of those who wish to register for your webinar.
  • Automatic: The system will automatically approve all of those who wish to register for your webinar.

Extra Fields
You have the option to include more fields than Email, First Name and Last Name.

  • Simply select from the drop down menu however many extra fields you require your registrants to fill in. We have pre-populated fields or you can dictate your own questions.
  • Tick Required and the question will be on your registration page.

Your Room Settings

This section allows you to create welcome announcements and customise your room layout.

Enter your Room Name

Participants will see this name when they join the Event

Login Announcement

If you wish to have a text announcement displayed to each Participant as they join the Event, enter the text here.

Use the advance options to customise your room layout and add or remove media module tabs.


You have the option to charge for your event. If you choose to, please note that the following charges will apply.

  • $3.50 per registered participant
  • $3% Credit Card/PayPal Processing Fee

Setting up the e-commerce portion of your event can be done so in 3 easy steps!

1. Choose whether you would like  to offer Tiered Pricing
2. Enter the amount you would like to charge
3. Once you are done, click on the save button on the top of your screen

Advanced Room Options

  • Media Module Tabs: this allows you to dictate which functions are available in the webinar room and where they are placed.
  • Attendee Private Messaging PM: this allows you to dictate private messaging options for attendees. We recommend leaving this as none to avoid any distractions. The attendees will still be able to use the public chat function.
  • Alternate Public Chat Title: You are able to change the name of the chat tab (i.e. “Questions” so your participants know just to type in their questions).
  • Alternate Private Chat Title: As above, although we recommend not allowing attendees to private message presenters and organisers to avoid unnecessary distraction.
  • Chat Position: Dictate where the chat box lies. We recommend under the participant box to minimise any distraction from content unless you wish to use the marketing button.
  • Show Chat History: Dictate if your attendees can scroll and view previously asked questions in the char box.
  • OmniTweet: Allows people to ask questions via twitter using a hashtag (#) specific to the webinar (you will need to create and circulate this hashtag prior to the webinar).
  • Text Copy Protection: Protect the chat text from being copied and shared.
  • Audio Notifications: These dictate whether or not you have an audio notification for Announcements (via chat options in the webinar), new chat, private messaging, presenter/organiser chat messages, entrance notices, projection starts (slideshow) and instant poll. It may be of some use to have audio notifications for Announcements, Presenter/organiser chat messages and Instant Polls  on, otherwise we recommend you keep the audio notifications off to avoid distraction to the presenters.
  • Room Skin: Change the colour theme of your webinar.
  • Top Banner: Uses the same banner you used on your registration and launch pages. It allows you to dictate how you would like it placed.
  • Attendee List: Dictate what your attendees can see. We recommend keeping the list just to organisers/Presenters for privacy.
  • Status Indicator: Emoji’s your attendees can use next to their name on the participant list.
  • In-Room Advertisement URL: Place the URL of the webpage behind the advertisement button to take your participants to further information. We are not able to change the marketing button at the moment, we have flagged with Omnovia.

Note: The chat box must be extended across the bottom of the webinar.

Room Settings and Payment

  • eCurtain Text: Place information here for your attendees during the pre-roll time (the time-frame they are able to enter before the webinar begins).
  • Welcome Message: This is visible in the chat box.
  • Close Room After: This dictates how long participants can stay in the room after the organiser has left (if they have chosen not to close the session for all). Use minutes.
  • Lock Tabs: This prevents attendees from being able to chance media tabs during a presentation (i.e. you are showing your Power Point Presentation and an attendee switches over  to Video).
  • Time Display: Displays length of webinar.
  • Attendees Can: View Number of Participants: Attendees will be able to see how many people have attended, not names (unless selected).
  • Attendees Can: View First Names Only: Attendees are able to see how many people are online and the first names of those attending.
  • Attendees Can: Open Collapsing Panels: Collapsing Panels are the participant box and (if selected) the chat box. Ticking this option will allow attendees to be able to use the function to hide or unhide the collapsing panel.
  • Show Documents Folder: This allows you to provide your attendees information within the webinar using the documents folder in the bottom, right hand corner. They will be able to see all that has been uploaded and can double click on any uploads to download for themselves.
  • Zone: Always use Australia.
  • Show Help Icon: Always tick so your customers can access our Support Team should they have any issues with audio or visual.
  • Show Attendee List on Autopilot: If this is ticked your participant list will be visible upon watching the recording.
  • Closed Caption at Bottom: Tick if you anticipate attendees with a hearing impairment.
  • Enable iBridge: Allows for Hybrid Audio (presenter speaking through the internet), attendees listening via the telephone and vice versa.
  • iBridge default MUTED on Dial Out: This allows recording for presenters using audio over the telephone.

Portal Options

Editing Your Event
Making changes to your event can be done whenever you like. Simply select the event you wish to edit and then click on the edit icon.


Adding Presenters and Attendees

Before your event is held, you will need to add your presenter(s) email address(s) so they can access the event room. If you have selected Guest List of Registration, you will need to upload your attendee’s email addresses so they can attend on the day.

Here’s how:

1. Edit your event with the instructions above.
2. To add presenters, simply click on the presenter’s tab then add presenter. You will then be prompted to add your presenter’s first name, last name and email address.
3.Adding (1)
3. To add your attendees, simply click on the Registration List tab and select your preference. Either add them individually, or upload them via the CSV template.
Your Joining Links
Once your event has been created it is time to invite away! The following links should be used and can be found once in editable format.

URL: The link that you, your presenters and participants will need to join the event
Registration URL: The link that your participants will need to register for the event

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