• Gianno Punla
  • Gianno Punla

    25th January 2018

Webinar Presenter Checklist | Webinar Guides

What to Consider…

Minimum System Requirements:
Before you present a webinar you must first check that you have met the following criteria;

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 and up | Firefox 1.x and up | Google Chrome 8.x and up
  • Opera 7.11 and up | Safari 5.05 and up | AOL 9
  • Windows 7 and up | MAC OS X 10.4 and up | Linux | Android 2.2 | IOS (for iPhone 4 and up – iPad)
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.2 and up (latest version preferred)
  • Web Conference:  256kbps Upload / 256kbps Download (without video)
  • Web Conference:  350kbps Upload / 350kbps Download (with webcam video)
  • Active telephone line able to dial externally.
  • Backup telephone line / mobile line recommended

Confirm or download the latest versions of Flash  

Presentation Materials:

Before you present a webinar it is very important that you fulfil the following;

  • The PowerPoint Presentation is uploaded to the webinar library/slides area
  • Your video is converted to Flash and uploaded separately to the movie player OR, you know the YouTube links you would like to play
  • If you are a MAC user and use Keynote, you are able to screen share (Java software is required for this)
  • If you screen share Keynote you do not have embedded video

Note: For further support or assistance on system requirements and compatibility please contact Redback Conferencing on 1800 733 416

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