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  • Kelly Cooper

    24th January 2018

Online Recording – Comprehensive User Guide | Teleconferencing Guides

At Redback we understand the importance of each and every conference call. Ensure you cover all bases by recording your next teleconference and taking advantage of our Online Recording Service. It’s easy as…

How to Record Your Teleconference

  • As a Moderator dial into your teleconference as normal; instruct your participants to do the same
  • Once you are in your call and ready to get started, simply press *4 on your telephone keypad
  • A pre-recorded announcement is then played into your teleconference notifying all that the call is being recorded
  • Once you wish to cease the recorded portion of your teleconference, simply press *4 once again

Why Would You Record Your Teleconference? 

  • Accommodate Absentees: If someone suddenly can’t attend your conference call that’s fine, just let them know you will send them a link to listen to the recording within 24 hours
  • Perfect Minutes Every Time: Listen to your teleconference as many times as you like to ensure the exact information is taken down
  • Build an Archive: Collect your teleconference recordings and create an online library for others to view

Tips for Recording Your Teleconference

  • Wait until everyone joins your call before you start recording. This will make sure the important parts are recorded and will let everyone in the call know they are being recorded
  • Turn off any entry and exit announcements so they do not interrupt your recorded call
  • Record Regularly? Why not setup Automatic Recording? This will ensure all teleconferences hosted under your codes are recorded!

Accessing your Recordings
Each time you complete a recorded teleconference you will automatically receive an email from Redback. This email will arrive within 24 hours and will contain a link to your Account Management Portal.  To access the Account Management Portal simply click on the link provided, enter your user ID and password and then click on submit. If you have misplaced or forgotten your user ID and password, click on Forgot Password.

Your Account Management Portal can also be accessed by visiting the Redback home page, www.redbackconferencing.com.au and then clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner titled My Account.

Once you enter your Account Management Portal you will notice a toolbar down the left side of your screen. To access your teleconference recording click on Recordings under the Audio Recordings heading.


You will then be presented with a list of all your teleconferences which have been recorded. These recordings will remain active for 30 days from the date they were recorded.

Please note that if you are an organiser, you will only see the calls which have been recorded under your access codes, however, if you are an administrator you will be able to view all recordings associated with your Redback account.

Redback Recommends: Getting to know your Account Management Portal – There are so many applications that will make your conferencing life that little bit easier!

Download your Recordings
The next step is to download your teleconference recording. You have two options under the Download heading; you can either download a WAV file or MP3 file.

Click on the desired option and then follow the prompts to save the file to your computer. This process may vary depending on your computer settings.

Hosting your Recordings
If you would like to share your recorded teleconference with others click on the Create a Hosted Link option. Creating a Hosted Link allows you to share your teleconference recording with unlimited viewers for a period of 60 days.

Once selected, you will be presented with two choices:

  • Open Download Access
  • Registered Download Access

Redback Recommends: Downloading MP3 Files – Because they contain the original files they are much quicker to download, no conversion is necessary!

Open Registration Access
This option creates a link that allows anyone who clicks on it to listen to your recording through their computer. Redback does not track or report on who has listened to your recording.

Registered Download Access
This option also creates a link which that allows anyone to listen to your recording through their computer. However, to be granted access to the recording the viewer must first enter their full name, company name and email address. As an organiser, you are then able to access a list of those viewers from the Recording Participant List feature.

Once you have selected your desired download option, click on Create a Hosted Link. You will then be redirected back to your Recordings homepage.

You will notice four options under the Hosted Link heading:

  • Participant Link
  • Link expiry date
  • Renew Hosted Link
  • Email Hosted Link

The Participant Link will take you directly to the teleconference recording. You can either send this to your viewers or embed it on your website for people to listen.

The Link Expiry Date lets you know when your hosting will expire. This will be 60 days from the date of your recording. You will receive a reminder email 7 days before your link is due to expire.

The Renew Hosted Link allows you to renew your hosted teleconference once it has expired. Once clicking on this link you will be taken back to the Create a Hosted Link page.

If you select Email Hosted Link a pre-populated email will automatically appear containing the link to your teleconference recording. All you need to do is enter the receivers email address.

Participant Reporting
If you created a hosted link by using the Registered Download Access option, you will have the choice of downloading a report containing who listened to your recording.

Simply click on Recording Participant List under the Audio Recordings heading on the homepage.

You will then be shown a list of all recordings which have been setup with the Registered Access option. Each horizontal line represents one teleconference. Find the teleconference that you wish to view in Participant List for and click on Show.


Your Participant List will then appear in a new window as seen below. Use the icons to download, print and save your Participant List.

Download Bar

Redback Recommends: Customising your Account Management Portal password – You will no doubt be using it a lot more so make your password something you can remember!

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