• Topo Kristyono
  • Topo Kristyono

    25th January 2018

Kapara – The Complete Guide

Kapara allows you to customise your Event Landing Page and emails to include all your required information and branding, as well as allowing you to track the analytics of your event registration process.


How to Access Kapara

To begin, log in to http://omnovia.redbackconferencing.com.au/login and find the event you would like to edit. You will then need to do the following:

1.Click on the second icon in the ‘action’ column and select ‘upgrade emails’ (if it hasn’t been upgraded already). Once the emails have been upgraded, the icon will switch from an arrow icon to a graph.

upgraded icons

2.Click on the graph icon and you will now be in the event dashboard.

At the top of the page, you will see the links below. Here is a breakdown:

Event URL:  Access Link where your audience will join
Registration URL: Ignore this link – it is the same as the Landing Page
Landing Page URL: This is the registration page URL

top of page links


How to Edit Landing Pages

1.Click on ‘Edit Landing Page’ in the top menu.

edit landing page

2. Make sure the registration box has all of the details you need to collect from your audience. This step needs to be completed when you are creating your event. Click here and go to the ‘Extra Fields Section’.

3. To update the colour of the ‘Register Now’ button simply go to the ‘Registration Button Colour’ section under ‘Extra Fields’ in Omnovia and choose the colour you need.


4. In the top right-hand corner, you are able to edit the thank you message body which is the text that will appear once a participant has registered. Simply write what you would like to be included.


5. To update logos and image refer to the FTP server document. This can be found by following the directory below:


6. Once the FTP link has been created for the logo or image, copy and paste the link into the respective fields.


7. You can then customise the font colour by using the font colour palette icon. Highlight the text you would like to change the colour of and then click on the colour icon and choose the colour your want.


8. On the left-hand side, you will see the modules tab. This allows you to choose different templates to add into your landing page. SImply drag and drop what you would like to use. If you no longer want a module to appear, click on the section and an icon tab will appear.

modules lp

9. Once you have finished editing the landing page, minimise all the modules using the arrow and then on the top middle of the page click on ‘Save and Exit’.

save and exit


How to Edit Emails

1.Click on ‘Manage Emails’.

manage emails

2. Select the email you would like to edit and click on ‘edit’.

edit email

3. Enter all of the event details in the box on the right hand side.


4. You can customise the design modules by dragging and dropping the ‘snippets’ (located on the left hand side of the email creation)


OR a simple way of ensuring the exact layout of an email is to copy the HTML coding of the email you want and paste it into the HTML code section of the email you are creating. Then you will be able to edit the colour and change the logos/images.


5. You can then edit all of the details in the email by clicking on the section and then entering the details.


6. Send a test email to yourself, ensuring that the call to action and all of the links are working.


7. If everything is correct, click ‘SAVE’.

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