• Gianno Punla
  • Gianno Punla

    24th January 2018

Initiating a Video Conference as a Moderator | Videoconferencing Guides

Initiating a Video Conference as a Moderator

Note: A meeting can only be initiated from a laptop or desktop, not a mobile device.

2. Once the following pop up appears, enter your Participant Code, followed by your name and then CONNECT (If this is your first time, you might want to select SETTINGS before you connect – this will allow you to select your camera, microphone, audio output and bandwidth).
3. A pop up will then appearing asking you to select your camera and microphone. At this stage, you can test how you appear in your camera as well as your sound.
4. Once you are happy with your microphone and camera, simply select Start.
5. Once you connect, you will need to confirm your role. Select HOST and then re-enter your Moderator Code and then click on CONNECT
6. You will then enter your Video Conference and be welcomed by the screen below

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