• Jordan Demagante
  • Jordan Demagante

    24th January 2018

AMP User Guide – Billing Access | Account Management Portal

Redback’s Account Management Portal lets you manage and track your usage quickly and effortlessly. It’s remarkably simple to use, yet it’s the most sophisticated interface in the industry, providing an unprecedented degree of instant control over configurations and access to information. Isn’t it about time you got to know your Account Management Portal?

Secure Access

  • View individual usage displayed in minutes and dollars
  • All reports contain the start/finish times of every participant and the total cost of each item
  • Export all reports into a variety of files

It’s also your one-stop shop for…

  • User Guides
  • Toll-Free Lists
  • Support Trouble Tickets

Invoice Summary
The Invoice Summary section allows you view your invoices and download and export basic and extensive reports.


Invoice Summary

Validate your Invoice
Validating your invoice allows you to take reporting one step further. Select this option to download one of four reports in either an XLS or CSV file.

Simply select the month you wish to view from the drop down box, the file you wish to export and then Download.

Ver-Invoices (1)

Please see a further explanation of the reports below;

  • Conference Summary Report:
    Provides a spreadsheet detailing totals by Department
  • Summary of Services Report:
    Contains totals for teleconferencing, web conferencing and miscellaneous charges
  • Detailed Conference Report:
    Contains details and totals per conference call
  • RAW Call Detail Charges:
    Provides details per conference call in raw format

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