• Lewis Hazeldine
  • Lewis Hazeldine

    24th January 2018

AMP User Guide – Administrator User Guide | Account Management Portal

Redback’s Account Management Portal lets you manage and track your usage quickly and effortlessly. It’s remarkably simple to use, yet it’s the most sophisticated interface in the industry, providing an unprecedented degree of instant control over configurations and access to information.

Isn’t it about time you got to know your Account Management Portal?

  • Secure Access
    • Each organiser can only view their own information
  • Customise Your Conference Settings in Real Time
    • Change organiser or participant passcodes
    • Customise all organiser conferencing settings
    • Set your conferences to auto-record
    • Allow participants to have meetings without you present
  • Access Your Teleconference Recordings
    • All teleconference recordings are uploaded to your Account Management Portal within 24 hours and are available for 30 days
    • Download your recordings, host them and even track who listens to them!
  • Access Billing and Usage Reports
    • View individual usage displayed in minutes and dollars
    • All reports contain the start/finish times of every participant and the total cost of each item
    • Export all reports into a variety of files
  • It’s also your one-stop shop for…
    • User Guides
    • Toll-Free Lists
    • Support Trouble Tickets

Accessing your AMP

To access your Account Management Portal go to the Redback home page, www.redbackconferencing.com.au and then click on the icon in the upper right hand corner titled My Account.


Enter your user ID and password, and then click on Submit.


If you have misplaced or forgotten your user ID and password, click on Forgot Password.

My Account Profile
The My Account section allows you to update your profile and view and edit all organiser codes assigned to you. Here you have access to your Profile and organiser List.

Click on the Profile tab under the My Account section in the left panel to access your personal information. Here you are able to change your login details and update your personal information.


The organiser List section allows you to add and access all conferences setup under your name. Click on the link to view a list of all conferences based upon the following:

  • Department
  • User Name
  • Conference Name
  • organiser Code
  • Pass Code

Clicking on the Edit option allows you to view your setup details and edit your settings.


Organiser Information allows you to view and edit your name, department and status. Teleconference Information provides your dial in details and access codes. Under Conference Detail you can view all conference settings associated with your organiser code. Use the drop down boxes to edit and then click on Update Conference Detail.


Please see below for an explanation of features;

  • Presentation Mode:
    Selecting Yes Converts all incoming Participant lines to Listen Only Mode
  • Record Automatically:
    Selecting Yes automatically records every Teleconference. Additional charges may apply.
  • Entry/Exit Announcement: Tone:
    A distinct tone announces entering or exiting Participants.
  • Name:
    The recorded name of the entering or exiting Participant will be played into the conference.
  • None:
    The conference will not be notified of entering or exiting Participants
  • Play Music:
    Selecting Yes plays Music to Participants who are first in the conference and to those waiting for the organiser to join.
  • Conference Security PIN:
    Selecting Yes forces Participants to enter a Security PIN after they have entered the Conference Pass code
  • Wait for organiser:
    Selecting Yes forces all Participants to wait with Music on Hold until the organiser has joined the call.
  • End Conference When organiser Exits:
    Selecting Yes disconnects the entire conference as soon as the organiser disconnects from the call.
  • Send Recording notifications to Mod:
    Sends an email notification when a conference recording is done.
  • Send Recording notifications to Admin:
    Send an email to the Customer Admin when a recording is done for this conference.

Adding a new Organiser
To add a new organiser, simply click on the ‘+’ symbol on the top right.


Organiser Information
You will then need to populate the blank fields with the required organiser Information. Once complete click on Update organiser Information.

Please note that all updates will be made to Conference Settings within 24 hours.


Invoice Summary
The Invoice Summary section allows you view your invoices and download and export basic and extensive usage reports. Billing Contacts within your organisation also have access to this section.

Click on the Invoice Summary tab to view your monthly invoices. Simply choose the month you require and select the file type – then click submit.



Validate Your Invoice
Validating your invoice allows your finance team to take reporting one step further. Select this option to download one of four reports in either an XLS or CSV file.Simply select the month you wish to view from the drop down box, the file you wish to export and then Download.
  • Conference Summary Report: Provides a spread sheet detailing totals by Department
  • Summary of Services Report: Contains totals for teleconferencing, web conferencing and miscellaneous charges
  • Detailed Conference Report: Contains details and totals per conference call
  • RAW Call Detail Charges: Provides details per conference call in raw format

If you require a soft copy of your invoice simply call us on 1800 733 416 or email accounting@rdbk.com.au

The Services Section allows you to manage, edit and add departments, download extensive call details reports, submit tickets with the Redback Support Team and access User Guides.

Manage Departments

  1. Select Manage Departments to edit, add or delete organiser accounts.
  2. To edit a department, find the correct name and then click on I. You will then need to add the new department name and select Update.
  3. To delete a department, repeat the process using the Delete option.
  4. To add a department, type the new department name in the blank text box and the click on Add Department.


Call Details Report
The Call Details Report allows you to download and export reports based on your conferencing usage. You are also able to enter a start and end date which is great for downloading monthly reports.

  1. Select the report you wish to view. You have the option of a summarized or detailed report.
  2. Select your desired time frame and whether you would like to view by department or organiser
  3. Click on Submit


Your report will then be displayed. The toolbar above your report allows you to print, save and export. Please see below for a further explanation.


Open/Track a Support Ticket
The Redback Support Centre allows you to report and track any questions you may have anytime you like!

Simply click on Open/Track a Support Ticket and go to Open A New Ticket. You will then be asked to enter your contact details as well as your message. You will then receive a confirmation email from Redback Support containing your ticket number.

Most queries will be answered within a 48 hour time frame. If they require further investigation, you will be notified. To keep track of your ticket and check its status, simply enter your email address and ticket number then click on Check Ticket.

International Toll Free Number List
Do you regularly have participants join your teleconference from international locations? If so, make things easier for all by providing them with an International Toll Free Number. Simply click on the link to download your copy!

What if the location I require is not in the list?
No worries at all. Simply give us a call and we can arrange for our Client Care team to call them directly and place them into your teleconference.

To access the list simply click on the International Toll Free Tab under Services.

Audio Recordings
At Redback we understand the importance of each and every conference call. Ensure you cover all bases by recording your next teleconference and taking advantage of our Online Recording Service. For comprehensive instructions, please refer to the Online Recording Service User Guide.

Once you click on this link you will be presented with a list of all your teleconferences which have been recorded within your organisation. These recordings will remain active for 30 days from the date they were recorded.

Select the teleconference you wish to download by clicking on your preferred download option – WAV or MP3.


Recording Participant List
You will have choice of downloading a report containing information on who listened to your recording. Simply click on Participant List under the Audio Recordings heading on the homepage.

You will then be shown a list of all recordings which have been setup with the Registered Access option. Each horizontal line represents one teleconference. Find the teleconference that you wish to view a Participant List for and click on Show.


Setting up your Interactive Recording
Interactive Recording allows you to record your webinar or web conference and then replay it to your audience. The difference with this and a basic recording? Your participants can still interact in the event – this interactive replay gives them the option to participate in polls and ask questions… it’s like they were always there!

  1. Log in as a organiser
  2. Select “Tools” then “Autopilot Recorder”
  3. Enter a New Recording Title and click “start”
  4. Click “OK” when you see a message saying recording has started
  5. A recording timer will appear on the bottom of your screen


Stopping your Interactive Recording and disconnecting iBridge 

  1. Click “Stop” then “OK” to stop recording
  2. You will receive a message saying Recording is complete
  3. Click “Tools” then “iBridge”
  4. Click the red hangup icon to disconnect iBridge from the teleconference line
  5. Click “X” to close iBridge
  6. Log out

Accessing your Interactive Recording
You will need to login to your Account Management Portal (AMP) in order to download your Interactive Recording.

  1. Go to www.redbackconferencing.com.au and click on ‘My Account’ (top right corner) to login to your AMP
  2. Click “Webinar” in the left panel and then “Interactive Recordings”


Interactive Recording Link: This link allows you to review your Autopilot recording.


This will allow you to increase the amount of time we host your own Autopilot. Standard will be 30 days.


This will generate an email with the link embedded for people to access.


Every 24 hours, a request for an mp4 recording will be sent automatically and then your mp4 recording can be downloaded by clicking here.


This will update when participants view recordings after the actual event (Autopilot view only).

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