• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    24th January 2018

How to Join a Redback Webcast – Video and Slides | Attendee Joining Instructions

Before the Webcast

It’s always a good idea to ensure you are prepared well in advance. To join the webcast you will need…

  • A computer with stable internet connection
  • Headphones or quality speakers

Joining the webcast
Simply follow the instructions to join the webcast:

  • Go to the link provided by your organiser
  • Select Enter Webcast
  • Enter the email address used during the registration process

Hearing the webcast
Upon joining the webcast please ensure the sound is activated and turned up on your computer. You will hear hold music until the webcast commences. If not, please check the following.

  • Ensure the sound on your computer is enabled and that the volume is turned up.
  • Ensure you are in a quiet environment with limited background noise.
  • Ensure you are connected to a stable internet connection.

If you cannot hear the sound coming from you’re the webcast, please contact Redback Support on 1800  733 416.

Viewing on Your iPhone/Android Device
If you are viewing this webcast on a tablet/mobile device, you will be able to log in via your web browser. If you are experiencing difficulties joining the webcast via your default browser, you may also try the Chrome browser. Click here to download the Chrome browser.
NOTE: if you are viewing the webcast on an iPhone, you will not see the slides as the video will be full screen.


During the Webcast

What will it look like?
This webcast will be video and slides – this means that once you have successfully joined the webcast you will see a screen similar to the image below.

How can I talk to the presenter or ask questions?
Throughout the webcast you will not be able to be heard. To ask a question, simply click on the “ask a question” button on the bottom right corner.

What happens if I need help?
As a participant, you are able to contact the Redback Client Care team at any time for assistance. They can be contacted via the following ways…

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