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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Stand up and deliver – Tips for educating online!

The tips and tricks you need to take note of

Delivering online education is becoming increasingly popular; and with so much emphasis on improving corporate culture and enhancing employee engagement it comes as no surprise that webcasts are fast becoming the ‘go to method’ when it comes to providing  training within limited budgets and across distance.

This week we were joined by John Colbert from Corporate Edge Coaching. The topic was leadership and recognising the drivers of poor performance, the audience was online and ready to be inspired and the solution to get this important message across was a studio webcast.

But this wasn’t your normal sit down interview or size 16 font PowerPoint deck, this was online education at its best – and all it took was a whiteboard, some colourful textas and a few very talented videographers – here’s how it worked.

Watch on-demand event

The Format:

Keeping online events quite interactive and more casual than face to face sessions is important in breaking through the barrier of technology – it will put your virtual audience at ease and increase engagement.

This session was more like a conversation between facilitator and presenter, an interview almost. Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

  • Break the presentation up into sections and prepare interview questions that Segway into topics
  • This works best when the facilitator knows a little about the topic or has an interest in it – it comes across as much more genuine and as you’ll see in this webcast, excites the presenter much more!

Watch on-demand event

The Setup:

It’s important to make sure your presenter is comfortable. John isn’t a ‘sit behind the screen’ kinda guy, he is enthusiastic and works best when drawing as he goes on a whiteboard – so that’s exactly what we did! However, some planning was still necessary…

  • Make sure your presenter knows where the cameras are and is positioned in a place where his back isn’t towards the audience, this is sometimes overlooked
  • Wireless microphones! Lucky our tech guys thought of this, otherwise there would have been a few bloopers!
  • Consider seating for all parties, we decided to use stools as opposed to lounge chairs so John wasn’t looking down at me for the entire session

Other tips for delivering online education:            

  • Ask your audience to submit questions ahead of time to make it more interactive and make them feel like they are part of the experience
  • Cater to your presenter and what they are comfortable with – their presentation style is sometimes more important than the content itself
  • Always leave room for a Q&A Session and leave it to your facilitator to cover these off
  • Quality! You want people to learn so poor streaming quality or out of sync audio is just going to distract your online audience and leave them uninspired
  • You can still use slides! Webcasts give you ability to stream video beside a slide show – it’s really up to you and what your preferences are!

Are you looking to start educating online?

Watch on-demand webcast Hire the studio

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