• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    18th November 2016

Silent Conferencing – Yeah, it’s actually a thing!

Cut through the noise

Picture this, you’re at a conference and the hustle and bustle of people chatting and networking is making it hard to hear the person beside you, let alone a presenter who may be metres away.

Your company has invested a few hundred dollars for you to attend, you have taken time out of your day and then there’s the travel and accommodation – but it’s no use.  The presenter you’ve been dying to see is drowned out by background noise and suddenly you think, was this actually worth it? Would I attend again next year?

Enter – silent conferences. At a recent event, our webcast technician Tyla set-up a silent-disco style presentation for a client. Each member of the audience was given a wireless headset which streamed the audio portion of the presentation and blocked out the background noise of the conference space.

The result?  Perfect audio, happy client, impressed audience, envious competitors and one really cool looking group of delegates.

While this technology isn’t new, it’s rarely used in the conferencing space. Tyla explained that the trick to getting it right is finding a frequency which won’t be interrupted by other channels.

“Although it takes a bit of work to find the right frequency and tune each headset, the result is really worth it. Most of the delegates have never experienced this style of presentation and they were so impressed with how well it worked”.

While the technology means investing a bit more time and money in the conference, it will definitely deliver a greater return on investment. The audience will be submerged in what the presenters are saying, making them more engaged and allowing key messages to come through uninterrupted.

Hats off to Tyla for running a very successful event. If you or someone you know has a conference coming up, why not give this technology a go?  It’s always so exciting to see how the innovative use of technology is helping to shape the future of the conferencing world.

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