• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

“Show us your Mo’s” – get involved and support Redback during Movember!

Put those razors away!

This year the Reback Budding Bros are saying goodbye to their fresh faces and getting involved in this year’s Movember! We’re hoping to raise as much money as possible for charity and witness some memorable mo’s in the process!

How can you get involved?

Donating is easy, simply click here to visit our Mo Page and donate as much as you wish to the entire team! Our goal is to raise a total of $1000 and we know that with your support we can do it!

Remember, all donations are tax deductible – now that’s a win win!

How it’s going to work…

On November 1st our budding bros will prepare by picking up the razor and ensuring they are completely clean-shaven. Then, for the rest of the month these selfless and noble men will continue to grow and groom their marvellous mo’s all in the hope of reaching our goals – $1,000 in donations and the most memorable mo!

Still need convincing? Maybe our budding bros can help…

“I’m willing to risk looking like a caveman for charity – you’ve got to pay that!”
– Chris McKeown
“I’m willing to risk my girlfriend not talking to me for an entire month – surely that’s worth a donation?”
– Mike Wingfield
“I’m willing to risk my entire reputation – tell me that’s not worth a few dollars?”
– Michael Bunker

A little about Movember…

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Australia and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health.

Here’s why it’s so important…

  • One in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime
  • One in five men will experience an anxiety disorder.
  • Untreated depression is a major risk factor for suicide. Currently, males contribute to 80% of all suicide deaths in Australia. This is four out of every five males. (ABS, 2012)

We’re incredibly excited to be part of this year’s event and are looking forward to reaching our ultimate goal!

Until next time,
Sara Gonzalez

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