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Looking to get familiar with your online interface? We’ll walk you through the Redback web conferencing platform as well as all the features that you have unlimited access to.

✓ The Participant and Chat Box
✓ Audio/Visual Controls
✓ Interactive Features

Ever joined a web conference or webinar and experienced difficulty hearing via the microphone on your computer? Learn how this feature helps!

✓ Enjoy better audio quality
✓ The choice to present via phone or VoIP
✓ Ensure your codes are set to Presentation Mode

PowerPoint presentations are one of the most popular and effective ways to communicate with your online audience. Let’s take a closer look at how to upload and navigate your presentations.

✓ Upload your slide deck
✓ Activate thumbnails and nails
✓ Do’s and Don’t’s

Learn how to use the video player in the Redback web conferencing platform!

Increase engagement with the use of videos in your next online event. Upload your videos, stream directly from YouTube or use your webcam to instantly record!

✓ The three ways to play
✓ Acceptable formats
✓ Saving your videos to your moderator code