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How can you as an event organiser apply the feedback from The 2015 Redback Report to the way that you plan, market, host and report on your online meetings and events?

Topics covered:

✓ When’s the best time of day?
✓ What skills are required?
✓ Are webcams really necessary
✓ What creates engagement?


Watch this episode to truly enhance your webinar/webcast program. Learn the optimal broadcasting times, the engagement techniques, and the skills needed to run effective event programs.

When it comes to webinars, online presenters have the potential to make all the difference.
So what is the secret behind enjoyable and oh so memorable presenters?

This episode covers:
✓ Engaging through registrations
✓ Using the platform tools
✓ Creating stand out presentations
✓ Using storytelling techniques

Watch this episode of “The Presenter Centre” to pick up some presentation skills for your webinars!

For many of us, our online programs revolve around one goal – to engage. But what if you could take it one step further and maximise your ROI?

The experienced panel discusses:

✓ Gaining online sponsorship
✓ Extending the life of your content
✓ Paid vs. Unpaid: pros and cons
✓ Case studies from the experts

Watch this episode of “The Presenter Centre” to learn how you can monetize your online events and extend the life of your content.

In this webcast, Robert Coorey interviews Sara Gonzalez on how to create, host, market and present amazing webinars and webcasts. Robert also shares his insights and discusses how he almost beat the world record for the most attendees on a live webinar!

This episode covers:

✓ Breaking through jargon
✓ Top Trends for 2016
✓ Key Marketing Channels
✓ Tips for on-demand content


Watch this episode of “The Presenter Centre” to understand what it takes to host and drive demand for your webcast or webinar series.