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Ok, it’s about time we break through the jargon!

Uncover the differences between the platforms, features and functionality and be inspired by key trends and predictions in the online event space!

In this session we discuss:

  • The differences between webinars/studio webcasts/hybrid webcasts
  • Key features of each platform
  • What you should consider and watch out for and when
  • Tips of how you can take action and avoid saturation


I’ll have what she’s having!” When hosting your online events, it’s important to consider your audience, presenter and topic… different event call for different formats.

In this section, we walk you through best practices for hosting your first online event including tips for expert facilitation.

This video covers:

✚ The platform, features and functionality
✚  Tips for finalising your format and hosting Q&A Sessions
✚  The importance of facilitators and their roles
✚  How to gather feedback within the platform

Everything suddenly seems so daunting… where do you even begin?

This session uncovers the key elements needed when it comes to the pre-production phase.

✚ Tips for selecting your topics, times and presenters
✚ Setup requirements – what’s really necessary?
✚ Technology – what can go wrong and how do you mitigate risk?
✚ The importance of Presenter Training

What will you do once your event is over? What will be your Call-To-Action?

In this session, we uncover the importance of your online hosting options, exit strategy and follow up plan post-event.

✚ Your follow up and recording options
✚ The reports and data available to you
✚ Tips for editing and creating on-demand content
✚ The importance of de-briefs