• Vesna Ilic

    27th May 2016

Running Your Own Webinar – The Ultimate Guide

What you need to know before starting

Picture this; its 30 minutes before your webinar and your presenter has gone MIA. You have been on the phone with Sue from Coonabarabran for 15 minutes trying to explain how to login while doing some last minute frenzied touch ups on your presentation. If only there was an easier way… an easier way to organise your webinar from start to finish!

Now take a deep breath, we’ve got you covered. While webinars are increasingly becoming a necessity when it comes to educating and content marketing, planning and running them can be a little overwhelming. The Webinar Organiser Handbook covers everything you need to know about running your next event.

Click here to download your copy

Here’s what’s included:

– The planning stages

– Finding the right topic and training your presenter

– The webinar platform and its features

– Marketing assets

– Pre/during/post event checklist

Click here to download The Webinar Organiser Handbook: The Ultimate Guide

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