• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    8th February 2018

Moderator Touch-Tone Commands for Teleconferencing

Keep these touch-tone commands handy! They will make your conferences more efficient and streamlined.

## Automatic Disconnect
Enter this command to immediately disconnect all attendees currently on your Teleconference.

*0 Operator Assist
Enter this command to speak with an operator.

*1 Organiser Dial Out
Enter this command to bring in an additional Participant in 5 easy steps!

Press *1 to activate
Press *1 again to confirm
Enter your Participant Pass Code
Enter your Participants phone number
Press #2 to return to your Teleconference with your Participant or,
Press #3 to return to your Teleconference without your Participant

Note: This feature must be enabled prior to use.

*4 Teleconference Record
Enter this command to begin recording your Teleconference.
Press 1 to confirm

An announcement will then advise all attendees that your conference is being recorded. To end the recording press *4 again or simply hang up. Your recording will automatically be posted in your Account Management Portal by the next business day.

*5 Presentation Mode
Enter this command to mute all Participant lines. They can hear your voice but will not be able to speak. Enter this command again to place your conference on Conversation Mode and open all lines.

*6 Individual Line Mute
Enter this command to mute your individual line so that you may listen but not speak. Enter this command again to re-open your line.

*7 Conference Security
Enter this command to lock your Teleconference and prevent anyone else from joining. Enter this command again to unlock your conference.

*8 Automated Roll Call & Count
Enter this command to hear the current number of participants currently on your Teleconference. If your conference settings are set to “Name on Entry”, you will hear a list of everyone’s name.

*91 Add Reference # or Billing Code
Enter this command to assign any numerical reference code relevant to your call. Your Call Detail Record will then record all expenditures associated with that code. This command also allows you to confirm, change or delete your current reference code.

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