• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    8th February 2018

Best Practices for Web Conferencing

Before Your Web Conference

  • Send out a clear and concise agenda
  • Clearly identify what is expected of your participants
  • Include web conference connection details and any special instructions
  • Send regular reminders during the lead-up
  • Ensure the computer you are using has all necessary software requirements – (Flash and Java or Present for Windows)
  • Test your internet upload and download speeds to ensure you have enough capacity
  • Ensure there is no conflicting scheduled event within your office that might interfere with your internet bandwidth

During Your Web Conference

  • If you are a participant, attend on time
  • If you are an organiser, attend several minutes early
  • Web Conferencing users often use an accompanying teleconference. If this is applicable, follow the “Teleconferencing Best Practice Guide”
  • Move slowly between applications to ensure those with slower internet connection speeds are still with you
  • Close down all applications on your computer that you do not plan on using during your presentation
  • Turn off any email alerts instant messenger application. The last thing you want is a screen pop up to appear as you share your screen with your participants
  • Encourage participants to “Raise their Hands” to indicate if they have a question.
  • Use the “Send File” application to send information to your participants at the appropriate times
  • Use the “Polling” application to engage your participants and get them involved

After Your Web Conference

  • Send thank you emails to your participants as well as any follow up information promised – it’s a nice touch!
  • If you recorded your web conference send the recording to your participants whether they attended or not
  • Where possible, inform your participants of any upcoming web conferences – get in early!
  • Ask for feedback! If you are planning on holding regular web conferences ask your participants what they would like to see more of

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