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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Recycling Your On-Demand Content – The R in CPR

Make the most of your old content

Let’s face it, when it comes to content creation it can become difficult to put on your creative hat and invent something entirely new every.single.time!

Most educational webinars and webcasts hover around the 45-60 minute mark, which means that as a creator you have the perfect opportunity to  recycle bite sized chunks. Think about it, 60 minutes of video = six ten minute videos = easy viewing!

Here’s how!

Break it down!

Invest a little extra on editing and break down your video content into segments. This will allow you to post and share more than once and let’s be honest, a 5-10 minute video is a lot less to commit to than a 60 minute video.

If you decide to go down this path remember to consider the terminology used within your live recording:

  • Refrain from using words that represent the time of day – your on-demand audience could be watching at anytime
  • Segway into sections. For example, as you move into a section that might be another video, conduct a brief introduction to the topic such as “Now that we’ve discussed the planning steps we’re going to delve into how to report on your events.” This will mean that your audience won’t have to watch each video in succession – making it much easier for you to market!

tip:  Posting links on your email signatures is a great way to use these short snippets!

Blog it out!

Now you’ve got your video content, it’s time to get it out there! Using your regular blog is a great way to do this – you already have a captive audience who are used to receiving your content, it’s perfect!

Once your webinars are broken down list the main learning’s/key takeaways and work around them. For example, if your first piece of content speaks to “How to Network Effectively” then consider the following breakdown:

  • Before you attend a networking event
  • Once you’re at the networking event
  • Once the networking event is over
  • Things you should never do at a networking event
  • Tips for success

…and there you have it, five pieces of content!

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