• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Prepare Your Webinar Attendees – Here’s Your Free 2 Minute ‘What to Expect’ Video!

Make sure your audience know what to expect


Picture this – you receive an email invitation to join a webinar, then all of a sudden these thoughts run through your head:

“Wait a minute, what’s a webinar?”
“Does this mean people will see me? I don’t want to be on camera.”
“This is going to be so hard, I struggle with technology at the best of times!”

It’s important to remember that your webinar audience may not be familiar with the concept of webinars – so how can you prepare them, put them at ease and give them an idea of what to expect?

We’ve created a 2 minute video that you can use on your email invitations/details and reminders that covers all of this!

Here’s what the video covers:

  • How to access your webinar
  • What the platform looks like
  • How your attendees can interact with your presenter
  • What is expected of them as an attendee
  • Where to go if they need help

Watch the videos

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The Redback Team

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