• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    5th January 2016

How are people reading your webinar invitations? Top Tips for optimising your emails!

Optimise your invitations

Raise your hand if you have a smartphone! It’s not surprising, we Aussies are among the highest adopters of smartphones in the world… here are some other fast facts about us:

  • In 2012, smartphone usage doubled*
  • Half of the adult population now own a smartphone*
  • Smartphone ownership is expected to jump to 84% in 2013**
  • Tablets will soon be in the hands of 70% of Australians**

While this is fascinating, how is it relevant?

If we’re this engaged with our handheld devices, chances are we are receiving and responding to emails on a regular basis.

When organising your online meetings and events it’s important to keep this in mind and to remember that not everyone is necessarily reading your email invitation from their desktop.

Here are some tips to ensure that your email invitations are fully optimised…

Text or HTML?                                              

While HTML emails are easier on the eye, ensure you provide your audience with an option of both. Different devices render emails very differently, so always provide a choice!

View Online Links

Definitely a must for all emails… if your desired audience cannot read your email then you need to give them the option to view an online or web version. These links are standard in most email marketing solutions.


Keep it brief

1136 x 640 pixels and 4 inches diagonally – that’s how much space you have to make an impression on an iPhone 5. Your webinar or webcast invitation must entice your reader – tell them what the webinar is about in the opening paragraph, include dot points and try not to make it too long.

Mix it up 

While pictures will pretty up your email, remember that they may not always appear on all email clients. If you are using an image as a register now link, always include the option for people to register via a text link. A mixture of text and images will ensure that you cater to your entire audience.

Create a template and… test! 

It really is the easiest way to ensure that you get it right every time – plus, it’s much quicker than creating new emails every time! Create something you like, test the registration process on a variety of devices and then save it for future events that you hold! Always test for how your images display, how the links render and whether the text is easy to to read.


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