• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

How to Optimise Your PowerPoint for Web Conferences and Webinars

The four layouts that will keep your powerpoint relevant

When I attend a webinar it’s usually for educational purposes – I expect to learn a thing or two and walk away filled with inspiration and a whole lot of desire to become a better person – ahhhh. So, you can imagine how disappointed I am when I join an event and spend half the time squinting at the screen because I am unable to read what has been written on the PowerPoint presentation!

The layout that you use in your webinars and web conferences will play a huge role in how your presentation slides are displayed – especially if you decide to use webcams.

Here are some tips on designing your presentations to ensure a pleasant and ‘non squinting’ experience for all your attendees!

Layout #1 – Slides and Single Camera

– Ideal for single presenter in a webinar environment
– Design slides in 16:9 format so they take up the entire screen
– Position the webcam in the participant box

Layout #2 – Slides and Multi-Presenter

– Ideal for co-presenters or facilitators
– Design slides in 4:3 format to optimise font
– Activate no more than 3 cameras on the right panel of your screen

Layout #3 – Panel Presentation

– Ideal for interactive discussions
– Activate right panel only
– We recommend activating cameras for introduction and conclusion only to avoid bandwidth issues
– Utilise on/off air webcam control feature

Layout #4 – Large Video

– Perfect for when more than one presenter requires to be on webcam
– Ideal for boardroom discussions or streaming live events (hybrid)
– Keep the corner of your slides blank to leave room for camera
– Unlock webcams for more control


There you have it, four different options for four different layouts.  If you’ve got any other tips on optimising slides within your online meetings – let us know!

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