• Vesna Ilic

    15th April 2016

Sponsorship and Online Events: How to Get it Right

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How can sponsoring a webcast or webinar increase brand awareness and revenue? How do online events create dynamic and interactive marketing opportunities tailored to individual business strategy?

The global managed online event market worth is estimated to reach over US$600 million in 2019, that’s 600 million more reasons to consider gaining sponsorship for your webinars and webcasts.

But what do you need to know about targeting the right sponsor and getting the most out of your next event?

In this guide we will uncover:

  • Why Online? We discuss the array of interactive and dynamic marketing opportunities created when taking things online
  • Online vs Physical – Why a hybrid mix of the two creates an ideal branding space
  • How to target the right sponsor using the Sponsor Compatibility Matrix
  • How to create the perfect Sponsorship Prospectus and what to include
  • A breakdown of the pre/during/post event marketing opportunities
  • How to measure ROI using the feedback tools and maintain a relationship with your sponsor

Click here to download your copy of the new Redback Sponsorship guide!

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Vesna Ilic

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