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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Online Meeting Invitations – Top Three Tips

Here are some of our very important tips!

It should come as no surprise that we actually use our own products to conduct sales meetings, training and desktop support. We take it all online and over the years have learnt a thing or two. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing (oh boy do we have stories…) and as such, we are constantly tweaking the way that we not only host, but organise online sessions.

One thing that we are always looking to improve is the way we invite people to our teleconferences and web conferences – just because we know how to use the platform, doesn’t mean everyone else does!

Here are some tips for the very important online meeting invitation…

Tip 1: Short and sweet, the way we like it!

Provide clear instructions that take no longer than a few seconds to read. You only need to provide the essentials and the shorter it is, the less technical issues you will experience.

Here’s an example of an email template for a tele/web conference:

Dear Sara,

Please join my meeting with the following conference access details. You will need a telephone and computer with stable internet to join.

Please feel free to forward this onto those you feel would benefit from the discussion as they can join with the same code below.

Meeting Instructions:

  1. Dial 1800 896 323 → enter xxxxxx and press #.
  2. Click here → Select ‘Participant’ and use xxxxxx again.

Tip 2: What should I expect? Set the scene…

For all you know you could be about to enter an online meeting with complete newbies. It’s always a good idea to include an attachment that outlines the agenda, frequently asked questions and a technical support number.

For teleconferences, provide instructions on how people can mute their lines if necessary – because noisy backgrounds have the potential to annoy everyone. You can download a full list of commands here.

Tip 3: Consistency – use a template!

If you hold regular online meetings then the last thing you want to be doing is regularly typing out templates. If you use Microsoft Outlook, consider creating a signature which you can insert into every invitation – see below for instructions.

1. Select file within your outlook and then options in the left ribbon

2. Select Mail in the left ribbon and then signatures on the right

3. Select NEW to name your signature and then paste the body of the email into the open text field and select OK.

4. To use your new template simply go to insert then select signature and choose your template – you are then ready to go!


Best of luck with these tips – Happy Conferencing!

Until next time,


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