• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    15th December 2015

Why the extra set of steak knives don’t work…anymore!

And no snuggies either!

I miss VCR’s, I miss walkman’s and I miss having the ability to record music off the radio with a cassette tape. One thing I don’t miss is old school, in your face salesmen.

The knock at the door at 6:00pm, the telemarketing call as you are about to sit down to dinner and the Demtel “get a free pair of steak knives” advertisements – inescapable!

Luckily, things have changed and there are now new, exciting and much less intrusive ways to generate leads and sell!

Webinars provide valuable and educational content and in return, deliver qualified leads and demand for your product or service. While the popularity of Lead Generation Webinars has skyrocketed, it’s important to remember the number one rule…

Never Sell!

You’re using advanced technology to market your company, product and brand, so why ruin it with an old school sales approach? Start thinking about the whole picture and get creative! Here’s my Top 5 Tips for Lead Generation Webinars.

1. Deliver the value…
Value based presentations work best. Give your audience something to take away from the webinar besides your contact number.

2. Survey the crowd
What do people actually think and how can you improve? Surveying your audience immediately after the   webinar is crucial for not only you, but also your sales team.

3. Interact and Engage
People have short attention spans. Use interactive tools such as polling, whiteboards and text chat to keep them interested!

4. Over and Over…
Record the webinar and let people access it online afterwards! You’ve gone to all that effort so why not make the most of it?

5. Follow through…
Follow up fast and keep in contact with all who attended. Remember the buying cycle and understand that not everyone is ready to buy because you say so!

To get more of an insight feel free to check out our recent webinar on generating and increasing leads with webinars.

Watch the webinar!

Until next time…
Kurt Juson

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