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  • The Redback Team

    1st February 2018

Webinars 101: How to Maximise Your Webinar Registrations

Learn the tricks of the trade

Let’s face it. These days, webinars are ubiquitous. With so many different companies fighting over the attention of a limited number of consumers, it is important to cut through. Read on to find out easy strategies to boost your webinar registration!

Companies spend large amounts on producing webinar content, yet often neglect to do the due diligence of making sure webinar registration is maximised. There are two key stages of any webinar that both have unique need: the pre-webinar marketing phase and the post-market analytics and improvement phase. This article will break down each of these sections to unveil the key tools that can help to drive up registration and turnout for your webinar.

The Pre-Webinar Marketing Phase 

  • Boost Registration Pre-Webinar
    This stage is key to boosting webinar registration and ensuring success. It is essential to make sure that there is awareness of the event, and that those aware of the event take the time to register.
  • Master E-Mail Marketing
    Despite the growth in alternative forms of communication, e-mail marketing remains one of the most effective ways to boost registration for your webinar. Follow these steps to ensure maximum registration
  1. Know Your Audience
    Companies hoping to maximise the targeting of e-mail campaigns should collate a list of potentially relevant addressees and avoid spamming those who are unlikely to have an interest. Think about who would find your content relevant and keep this as a database for future campaigns.
  2. Email Early and Often
    The optimum time to start notifying potential registrants is 2-3 weeks prior to the webinar. From this point on, send a maximum of 3 additional e-mails to avoid creating unnecessary noise or forcing people to unsubscribe from your address list. Don’t forget to send a final reminder the day of the webinar, up to a quarter of total registrants sign up same day. Create a schedule of emails in complement with the rest of your marketing communications.
  • Step Up Your Social Media Campaigns
    Don’t forget the importance of social media! Social media campaigns provide the invaluable benefit of expanding the reach of your digital event beyond your business’s contacts and into the social networks of those contacts. Social media also has the advantage of creating organic traction and brand exposure.
  1. Create a Facebook Event
    Facebook events are added to the public calendar of those who register and this has the added benefit of push-notification reminders for them to attend. Spark the interest of potential new registrants by being visible on the public calendar.
  1. Create Shareable Content
    Content is king! Content that is engaging and interesting will be shared by participants of the event, generating extra attention and registration for your webinar.

Creating Compelling Content Guide

  • Get Your Style Right
    It is essential to understand your audience and what will interest them in your webinar and therefore drive webinar registration. For example, with a corporate event, do not pepper your audience with high frequency, over-promising messages. It is far more efficient to have a staggered plan, that is short and to the point.
  • Create a High-Converting Landing Page
    After succeeding in driving traffic to your website, it is important to drive them to convert to webinar registration with a user-friendly, sales-driven landing page. Refrain from simply embedding a sign-up section in your company’s home page. These can be frustrating and difficult to find. When individuals register for your webinar, make sure that they click through to a thank-you page, and provide the option for them to add the webinar to their calendar. These simple steps can be the difference between people clicking through to commit to attend, and deciding to go elsewhere.

The Post-Webinar Phase

  • Increase Total Viewership
    Your webinar may have finished, but there are still ways for you to lift viewership of your webinar and make sure that you can improve for the future.
  • Post the Archives
    Posting your webinar in an online forum, and sending the link to all those who registered for the event, is an easy way to increase the total viewership of your event. It is vital that you post this link and send out the e-mail as soon as possible. If people signed up to your webinar but for some reason couldn’t attend live, they are far more likely to watch it if you notify them shortly after the live event while it is still fresh in their memories.
  • Analytics, Analytics, Analytics
    In order to maximise ROI, you need to be able to accurately measure how many people turned up to your webinar, how many registered but did not attend, and how many dropped out halfway through. Intimate knowledge of these details is ultimately the only way to make sustained improvements to your marketing strategy and increase webinar registrations in the long term. To find out some serious tips on improving your analytics, click here.
  • What is the Best Solution for Boosting Webinar Registration?
    In the end, maximising registration for webinars requires a personalised strategy that is tailored to the needs of your company, using all the tools outlined above. It is a time-consuming proposition that can be overwhelming for most companies. Luckily, Redback Conferencing offers a tailored solution for businesses of all sizes. A Redback specialist will meet with you to gauge exactly what you require from your webinar and work closely to meet these needs. That includes helping design marketing (both e-mail and social media) as well as providing a debrief with your company that will elicit invaluable information to improve for the future. Click here for a free demonstration.

Still curious? To find out more about everything webinars get your copy of this handy guide!


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