• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Looking to implement Teleconferencing? 7 Tips for managing resistance

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Change, it’s something that even the most flexible of organisations struggle with. However, progressive and aware decision makers continually look for ways to improve the morale, performance and productivity of their workforce.

Deciding to switch from the car to the conference can sometimes be a battle – sure, you understand the benefits and how much of a positive difference it will make, but how do you get buy in and implement it across the business?

Here are our 7 tips…

  1. Buy-in – Environmental initiatives of any kind require the buy-in of senior management. Make sure you  gain the support of all levels of management before proceeding.
  2. Research – As green travel programs become more prevalent, there is a wealth of information available to back-up your hunch that online platforms are a more sustainable alternative to air and car travel. Check out what your competitors are doing and don’t simply ‘greenwash’ – gather evidence to present to your superiors.
  3. Make a plan – Creating a roadmap of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to find your way is critical. As well as cost benefits this should include possible benefits to employees, reviews of productivity, recruitment and retention, timelines and clear measurable outcomes.
  4. Understand the costs – The internal perception of how hard it might be to  ‘green’ the business travel function can often be overcome by creating a clear cost analysis, which will certainly identify cost savings by moving to integrated online conferencing. This will also help to gain a better understanding of the ROI which can include the introduction of tracking and reporting tools.
  5. Check the company travel policy –  What does it say about eliminating unnecessary emissions from air and road travel? Does it say anything? If it doesn’t, it is definitely time for a review.
  6. Resist resistance – In many organisations the expectations of corporate travel can be at odds with a drive to reduce the carbon footprint. This can be alleviated by a holistic approach and strategy for change which incorporates awareness training and highlights the drivers and benefits of making the shift online.
  7. Communicate – Once green corporate travel policies begin to be implemented, communicating the program and the desired results to relative stakeholders are critical to on-going success.

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