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  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Lights, Webcam, Action – Impress with these Videoconferencing Etiquette tips!

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So, you’re sitting in-front of a webcam and many thoughts start running through your head… “How do I look? I’m so nervous! My voice sounds ridiculously weird.” But do you ever sit and wonder whether your etiquette is up to scratch? It may not seem like it’s that important, but let us tell you, it definitely is!

Next time you activate your webcam consider your audience and these simple etiquette tips that will be sure to impress and enhance the experience for all.

1. Smile!

While talking to a computer may seem as though you are detached from your audience, you need to be constantly aware that they are watching! So why not smile? It’s very easy, plus it will make your presentation that much more inviting and engaging.

2. Identify yourself…

Have you ever seen someone walk into a dinner party and go straight for the food? What did you think in that situation? Just like any social scenario, it is always polite to introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of what is expected of your attendees.

3. Find a quiet(and neat) place…

Background noise can be very distracting to other participants. Think about where you are … Are you joining from home with a noisy dog in the background? Or do you have people over that could possibly be seen within your webcam? Either way, ensure you find a quiet place where you will be comfortable for a certain period of time. But not too comfortable! Clean up your background and avoid positioning your webcam around anything messy or distracting. It’s also a good idea to face a window as it provides natural light and will eliminate any shadows.

4. Use hand gestures… properly!

Even though the presentation is not face-to-face, it’s a great idea to pretend that it is! Relax, get comfortable with and speak to an audience as you usually would. Using hand gestures is a valuable way to positively approach your viewers but make sure you are aware of the frame of your camera. Don’t go over the top and avoid extending your arms too wide or out of the webcams view.

5. Did you know that fashion is important?

When presenting via a webcam, stay away from stripes, patterns and anything too busy. Funnily enough, it can cause the camera to have a fuzzy effect which  could potentially leave your viewers squinting.

6. Look into my eyes…

This can be a little difficult to grasp and perfect, but it’s incredibly important. Imagine sitting in a meeting where the host is talking to you and staring at their notes… Not a good feeling is it? We understand that you will have a specific structure to follow, however, try and imagine your attendees in front of you and look deep into the webcam as much as possible. This will increase engagement and make your audience feel special!

7. It’s all about the timing…

To many, punctuality is a sign of respect. Try to avoid joining your video conference late and expecting participants to provide you with a “catch-up”. This will not only disturb the entire meeting, but it has the likelihood to come across as somewhat rude.

Have you got any video conferencing horror stories or other tips that you would like to share? Let us know!

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