• The Redback Team
  • The Redback Team

    6th January 2016

Join the Redback Wrap – Your Exclusive Invitation!

2014 – what a year! New services, some great successes and exciting challenges – now is your chance to hear it all!

Join us as we interview the Redback Leadership Team. Each department will provide a brief wrap up of 2014 and give you a sneak peek into what 2015 holds.

This webcast will be live and interactive so if you have any questions to ask – now is your chance!

In this webcast we’ll discuss:

  • New services implemented and enhancements made in 2014
  • The changes – our new office space, the changing nature of the conferencing landscape – what does this all mean for you? What’s next? Our CTO will provide you insights into the ‘next big’ collaboration tools and when you can expect to see them in Australia
  • The webinar landscape is shifting and we’re front and centre – so what trends are we starting to see and how can they play a role in your online programs?
  • What is Redback’s strategy and vision moving forward and what can we expect to see in the future?

If you want to join, but you are unable to – please register and we’ll be sure to send you a link to watch the recording.

We would also like to make this event as interactive as possible so please feel free to submit your questions ahead of time!

Register for the live webcast

We look forward to seeing you there.

Until next time,


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